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Something Extra

Since I began my blog, the content has consisted of my own essays and updates, but I come across so much wonderful material in the course of my research and just those daily forays into social media that we all make while working (or taking time out from working). So today I begin a feature called “Something Extra” that will include links to the commentary of others, articles, and videos that reflect my continuing fascination with and commitment to the knowledge and understanding of law, science and religion, and how these fields intersect with and impact each other.

My first recommendation is an animated short documentary that appears in today’s New York Times about meteorologist Alfred Wegener who developed one of the most cogent early theories of what was called continental drift. His perseverance and dedication to scientific study and observation were extraordinary. Although he wasn’t correct on the physics of how the continents move, his observations and refinement of his theory were forerunners of the discoveries made in the field we now call plate tectonics. Enjoy.

Animated Life:Pangea.


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I'm an essayist, commentator, lawyer and reporter with expertise in Constitutional Law, United States History, religion and public education. I cover current issues involving the First Amendment religion clauses, modern religious movements, scientific history and developments and the events in which these areas converge.


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