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You’d Better Like Your Local Government Meetings With a Touch of Jesus

The Supreme Court handed down its decision in Town of Greece v. Galloway today. By a 5-4 plurality, the Second Circuit is reversed and  the town’s practice of opening meetings with Christian prayers was held to be constitutional, ie. not a violation of the Establishment Clause. After I have a chance to read and analyze the decision I’ll post at greater length. But I guess they’ll just keep on praying to Jesus while they transact local government business in Greece. It’s a bad day if you understand why separation of church and state are important. Hobby Lobby looms even larger now.


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I'm an essayist, commentator, lawyer and reporter with expertise in Constitutional Law, United States History, religion and public education. I cover current issues involving the First Amendment religion clauses, modern religious movements, scientific history and developments and the events in which these areas converge.


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